NL* Amna Aijah Anik Inuluavik aka Inua (with 9 weeks)

Welcome at our website
Groningen a town in the north of the Netherlands after 17 years with breeding Maine Coons we stopped since 14-02-2021.

Our Maine Coons are negativ tested for Fiv/Felv and they have all the N/N HCM-MYBPC-3 Gen. We also scan our Maine Coons for HCM and PKD. Our males are never used for outdoor breeding and they only are mated with the females in our Cattery Amna Aijah.

We live together with our Maine Coons and they can play at home as well as in our garden. There is a fenced place of 55 square meters in our garden where they can climb, run and when she shines sleep in the sun.

Maine Coons also like (except sleeping) running, climbing, jumping and especially to ask attention. They like to disturb you and they are curious. You can find the Maine Coon there where his housemates are. Are you looking for a cat who doesn’t have these kind of looks, than the Maine Coon is a wrong choice.

If, after reading the above, you are still interested in a Maine Coon, our website may help you on your way to make a choice for these sweet, soft, giants among the cats.

We wish you lots of viewing pleasure on our website and for questions and/or information you can always contact us.
Cor and Ria de Hamer

  • To know more about the Maine Coon is visiting a catshow also interesting. There are breeders of all catraces, so you can ask them questions and you can see their breeding.

* *  Our Cattery name and the names we give to our Maine Coons, are coming from or are related to the Inuit and/or their language . * *